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yeah, things ARE different. [13 Nov 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | yeah I Love these cold nights ]

I haven't updated in a while, so here it goes..

Friday was My Birthday :) School was good. yeah, I had a pretty good night. I didn't do anything really "special" well Stephanie spent the night..I haven't seen her in so long, I miss how everything use to be..anyways oh Jose came over for a while, and we all just hung out so it was good. Then me and Steph and my family went out to eat/have cake you know how it is. We rented movies came home and me and Steph just had a blast, not going to go into details too tired, too lazy. We watched soul plane (good movie) then went to sleep. Overall Good Birthday.

Saturday: Woke up around uh 11 and had muffins with the lovely Stephanie :)
and watched white chicks, then later we went on a walk..yeah it was deff. coooold outside hah. We were jumping fences trying to make shortcuts to my house. We came back to my house chilled then Steph left :( I went to my sisters the rest of the night, which was fun. and now i'm updating this lame thing..pretty much because i'm bored.

Thats about it.

I know you see something you like in me or else why would we still be friends..yeah i think your looking for the "prettiest" thing but what you arnt realizing is you should be looking for it on the inside..that's what matters the most, right? whatever. I just wish you'd get the balls to take a chance..but then again maybe you really dont want to, o well.
(sorry. Random thoughts..just ignore them.)

It's Late. I'm Tired. Goodnight.

Cant get the pictures working so i'll update with those later.

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[08 Nov 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I did it. Thats right i dyed my hair, and I Love it. I was so scared. When it was done and i rinsed the stuff out it was black, like jet black, its not black now..thank god. Anyways yeah..lets see what you think..comment with a like or a dislike.

I'm assuming you all know what it looked like before so no need in a before picture so here's the after picture.

what do you think?

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Can you grant me one last wish? [05 Nov 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I just got back from Sydney's and she suprised me with a party haha. I Love you Sydney Melissa Herbol<3

anyways i took some pictures so here you go..i'm really starting to enjoy this camera thing haha.

yupp thats my birthday cake..Looks good dosn't it.


Someone looks high.


thats it. Fun times.

I get to see Steph in 6 days. :)

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Im Just Trying to Make you Understand..That Your the only One I want<3 [04 Nov 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

alright well not much has happened in the two days since i've updated so there isn't really a point in updating now is there, nope.

My birthday is coming up and so is Lynne's and Megan's and Courtney's and Mary's and well ok a lot of people's but you know mine is just so much more important then everyone else's :) j/k. So Happy Birthday to everyone..incase i dont see/talk to you on your Birthday. But yeah i'm going shopping saturday with Lynne, i'm missing the switchfoot concert, o well Lynne's getting me a present so that makes up for it. haha. <3 and yeah thursday i'm doing glamor shots with Megan for her birthday so it should be fun and Friday is mine, and i'm not doing much just going out to eat with some friends so it should be good. o by the way i expect presents, lots of them. j/k

I'm dying my hair this weekend, its going to be a Really Dark brown almost black but not..what do you think? i'm tired of blonde highlights and they just keep getting lighter. er.

I just figured out how to get pictures from my camera onto LiveJournal..pretty cool.
Because don't you just Love it when people take pictures of themselves. haha.

-now how many people do you know with orange walls?

o and i just had to get the bathroom mirror one in there. you know to follow the trend and all.
-like the green jacket?

o and sorry they are like HUGE..i havnt figured out how to resize them yet, one step at a time haha.

yeah..thats all.

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I wish you knew what i was feeling..but you dont, you have no idea. [01 Nov 2004|05:32am]
[ mood | trying to be optimistic. ]

I haven’t updated in about a week or 2 so I’ll fill you in on the weekend.

Friday: school was alright. My sister decided to pick me up and take me shopping for the last two bells. :) Then i came home and went to Edenrose's around 4ish? I hadn’t seen her in so long<3 She played me some songs on her guitar and she sings so beautiful I wish i had half the voice she does. Then we watched some comedy and I fell asleep on her bed waiting for her dad to take me home. Sorry I fell asleep I’m a party pooper hah. Came home and crashed.

Saturday: Well I didn’t wake up till about 12 and didn’t get ready till about 3 so i wasted most of the day sleeping. My dad decided to make me help him with the yard work because it was such a nice day, because everyone knows I just love yard work. Cough. Anyways I hung out around the house then went and got a costume for Halloween. :) I was an 80's chick. It was alright, very bright. Then I had to baby-sit they told me until 10 but they didn’t show up till close to 1. I was mad. But made money so I shouldn’t complain. o yeah the times changed that night too. I don’t know but I liked it before when it was really dark in the morning and stayed lighter out longer in the afternoon. Even though now we get an extra hour. o well.

Sunday was Halloween. I love this Holiday, except it wasn’t like it used to be. I mean kids didn’t start coming until 6:30 then were done at 7..i remember when people stayed out till 10 and would ring our doorbell even when we turned the lights off but that’s what made it fun but anyways overall it was ok, I had fun, I guess.

Today was a B day, enough said. hah. I'm failing Algebra..Like with a 59E I think it’s because I don’t do the homework but whatever I’m already grounded for my grades so no use in bringing it up now. I did get a 98% on my World history test..so that counts for something. :) yeah so then i came home and hung out with Megan..she stole some Pumpkin pie haha. Yeah..I'm excited about not going to School tomorrow. :)

I get to see Steph Next Friday the 12th (my birthday) I'm excited. :)

*Switchfoot concert is Saturday* :)

Here's the song EdenRose played/sang for me by Dashboard confessional "Screaming Infidelities"

I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak,
And this bottle of beast
Is taking me home

I'm cuddling close
To blankets and sheets
But you're not alone, and you're not discreet
Make sure I know who's taking you home.

I'm reading your note over again
There's not a word that I comprehend,
Except when you signed it
"I will love you always and forever."

Well As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
And sit alone and wonder
How you're making out
But as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone
Making out.

I'm missing your laugh
How did it break?
And when did your eyes begin to look fake?
I hope you're as happy as you 're pretending.

I am alone
In my defeat I wish I knew you were safely at home

I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have speak, and
This bottle of beast is taking me home.

Your hair, it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities
And taking its wear.

*and she sang it so beautiful. <3

Anyways I think that’s about it. Later.

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[26 Oct 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | energetic ]




















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Dont Believe in me..because I will let you down. [25 Oct 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | My lips are turning purple. ]

Alright i thought i would update on how my weekend went..

Saturday: woke up really early to go to BG with Lynne. I had a lot of fun. Well the ride up there wasn't that great (goldfish) haha. o and I saw this kid i went to elementary school with. So it was cool to see him again. and Steph if your reading this and wondering who it was well it was Eric Anderson..and wow he's changed ;) haha. Lynne over came her fear. I'm so proud of you LynnE. o and we had a lot of fun on the train. ;) haha. the guy with the chainsaw LOL. yeah we took a lot of funny pictures which i'll update with later. overall it was a good day. Better then last years trip with..cough cough. LOL. o snap i almost forgot the best inside joke of all time besides the stalker..but yeah.."hey fatty get off the field" TUBBY! TUBBY! haha. man that makes me smile. :) T to the U to the double B Y..haha. Nice.

Sunday: I slept in till 11..Omgosh i havn't slept in past 8 in the longest time..i think i got like 10 hours of sleep that night! I did have plans with Lynne and Megan but they got cancelled. :( So basically i stayed at home all day while my mom put me to work. I swear i was cleaning ever inch of this house. I think my mom enjoys seeing me suffer. ha. So yeah thats about it. The weekend was pretty much chiil. I know this weekends going to kick some ass. :)

*Pictures coming soon* :)

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i said that i don't need you but i'm a liar, i swear i do. [22 Oct 2004|10:24am]
[ mood | KARATE with Rosie is the shit. ]

In the words of EdenRose "what a great fucking night."

Alright well i was all school spirited today. I had on my Kellam Knight shirt and black and gold ribbons in my hair and all this for the PR and it turns out to be stupid. whatever. School was overall good. I got home got ready then went to go get Calli and Michelle then we're 10 min. from the School and EdenRose calls and we go get her<3 the ride to the game was um..odd. lol. EdenRose was all proper for my parents saying hi Mrs. Williams lol. o and just for the record EdenRose has the Pimp-est Scarf of all time. anyways we get there and find some seats next to Bryan. LOL. o how i miss our 8th grade memories. He tried to give Me and Michelle breast cancer..Loser. yeah. o i saw Leslie and Jordan. I miss all you guys<3 yeah so the games almost over and Megan shows up. Man i Love that Girl. She's always there for me. Then we all head to the parking lot and take pictures..EdenRose decides to lick me. i didnt notice until after the picture so i'll have to post those when Calli developes them. lol. o and we got some kissy pics. ;) Then we dropped everyone off and now i'm here typing this. Tonight was a lot of fun. I'm glad i went. Well i'm extremely tired and i have to get up early to go to BG with Lynne:) so i'm going to go get some sleep. goodnight.

EdenRose i'll call you tomorrow lets hang out sunday. <3

i think the truth is that i'm scared. </3

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Words don't seem to come so easy, when I need them oh so badly. [20 Oct 2004|03:27am]
[ mood | thankful ]

I don't have much time, but i promised i'd keep this thing updated for Calli. So here it goes..

Wednesday: My day started off bad..for starters it was raining and the umbrella {sp} broke and i end up getting soaked. Then i get to school and remember i left my agenda on the desk so i cant make up my Algebra Test because i couldnt get my agenda signed to leave during studyblock..and for some reason i always end up leaving my agenda at home on b days or when i do bring it my teacher isn't there for me to make the test up. er. yeah then i went to World History but i cant really remember what went on i just kinda day dream in that class its extremely boring and it goes by really slow. Next i had Spanish o joy..well my teacher wasnt there so that was one good thing but then the sub we had was mean and called me a cheater. i wasnt cheating but she said she saw me. whatever. Then i ran into Megan in the hall, we were matching in our pink t-shirts. :) Then i went to studyblock which was actually fun. I was surprised. Then Lunch and home. The End. o i just got a knock at the door and it was Lynne! i was surprised she came running at me. LOL. <3

Friday night is going to be a lot of fun. I'm Excited.

Saturday at Bush Gardens with Lynne. :)

and..Hunt Club on Sunday with Megan. wow. My weekend is looking good. :)

You say it makes you want to fall in love...
give it a chance, give me a chance.

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My LiveJournal is back. [19 Oct 2004|04:44am]
[ mood | I ran the mile today. ]

I havnt updated in about a month or two..so i changed the background and everything and i thought i would bring my LiveJournal back for all those who read it. A lot of things have happened since the last entry. i believe i said i wasnt very happy, well everything is alright now. and i think i'm getting use to Kellam though i still want to go to LHS because after being with all my friends friday night it made me want to get rezoned really bad. That means leaving all my friends at Kellam because most of who i talked to about it said they would stay. that makes me sad. but o well..i'd have to get use to it. anywayz blah blah blah. Friday night was just what i needed. I hung out with some old friends talked and Jeremy even got me some hot chocholate. :) so that was good. Then Saturday i spent most of the day with Sydney<3 it was alot of fun. and i even picked out her outfit for homecoming. she looked so pretty. :) yeah then i came home and my parents left and i was home alone and it was fine until i saw this commercial for a really scary movie and then i got scared. but i talked to calli until my parents showed up. then Sunday i skipped church i accidently slept in too late. but later that afternoon around 7 i went to hunt club with Megan and it was a lot of fun. there was this one guy that wouldnt leave me alone and he would just breath on my ear. that was alittle too weird but yeah so everythings been going good for me. I even got a 96% on a Science test. wow. and i ran the mile in 8 min. go me. So yeah. i think thats about it. This thing is still boring. sorry everyone who actually takes time to read this. i'll make it more interesting in the entries to come. lol. o i almost forgot I saw EdenRose on sunday! and i'm spending friday night with her. o yes! I cant wait. So i think thats about it. Later.

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Yes, its friday. [24 Sep 2004|04:34am]
[ mood | energetic ]

i havnt written a real entry in a couple of days, and i actually started writting one a few min. ago but figured it would take to long so i deleted it all. hah. and it was lame anyways who really reads this anymore? i'll just update with some things that happened this week.

i saw Jordan R. <3 and i got a hug. haha.
calli wrote me a really loong note. [4 pages, wow]
i'm failing spanish. i got a 79 on a quiz.
i got ketchup on my jeans in lunch and i wasnt even eating ketchup?
i wore a skirt tuesday. note to self: never wear a skirt again.
my mom bought me a slurpee from 711 last night. <3 haha.
i got alot of complements on my shirt today. :)
i met this girl though i only know her by her spanish name, senorita stages. haha. shes cool. [did i even spell senorita right? see i hate spanish.]
did you know..mono is going around the school right now, ew.
i saw this girl that looked like sam the other day, and it made me miss her [more]
i talked to Stephanie on wednesday after not talking to her in 3 months, and i'm seeing her in october. :)
EdenRose named her shoes after me, how cool is that.
People are starting to annoy me more. but whatever.
i fell off the bus this afternoon. ouch.
all this stuff is pointless, and really lame.
my cell phone went off in class, luckily it wasnt loud and the teacher didnt hear it. whew.
I Miss Lynne.
i ran into a tree on my bike the other day, and megan was on the handle bars. haha.
One Tree Hill is back on. tuesdays @ 9. ah, i love that show.
I've been putting myself down lately. and it sucks.
4th bell b day lunch so kicks ass now. :)
and last but not least.
I'm having a sleepover with EdenRose this weekend.

alright. later.

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Why did I ever let you inside my heart? I'm such a fool. [22 Sep 2004|05:16am]
[ mood | Rosie named her shoes after me ]

ok so i had a whole journal entry written out..and i clicked update and everything is gone. so i'll just have to update later i guess.

no need for comments, nothing to comment on.

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man i love the beach. [19 Sep 2004|09:14pm]

ok so i went to the beach the other day with calli, it was so great..i dont know why but when i'm there its just so peaceful, and its like i think about nothing going on in my life except for the moment..i'm such a loser..lol. yeah so anyways..me and calli decided to take a few pics while we were there..except most of them are me or something i did because Calli had to delete hers even though i thought they looked great because shes so gorgous..but w/e. hehe. anyways..i've had alot of things on my mind lately..and i'm pretty stressed..and everyone keeps asking me if i'm alright, well i am i mean i guess..i dont know. have you ever had that feeling where you just feel like nothing is going to go right for you and you just want to give up on everything and everyone? well i think i'm going through something like that and i'm pushing away my friends and i dont mean to because you guys are the thing keeping me together..so thanks for being there. <3..hm..lets see, today i woke up went to church had a blast..its always good to wake up real early and just go there with a bunch of diff. people, sing, pray, and just chill with friends. yeah..then i went out to eat with megan and her family..it was cool, then we went and rented a movie um..matchstick men? i dont know..it was lame..haha we fell asleep..yeah then i had to come home and clean and finish h/w..yupp so i think thats pretty much it. i'm gonna go so calli can put up the pics from the beach..because i guess i'm not smart enough to figure it out. lol.

A Day At The Beach With Calli:

me and calli..she says its a bad pic.but i like it,

me walking towards the water..calli just wanted a pic of my butt..haha.


a one handed cart wheel done by me..i'm talented :-)

um..no comment

calli...baywatch action.

yes i finally am tall.

say playing in the sand..and put all the sand ones in there.

this is done by calli..we had that song stuck in our head. all day


me playing dress up.

comment if u want...

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help, please. [19 Sep 2004|08:09pm]
Ahh..i tried to fix my journal but i messed up and it came out peachy and white? eww..can someone help me fix it. i want the background white and everything else green, and then i want a pic (that i already have) for my user pic. anyone want to help me? oh and can someone tell me how i can update and put pictures up? haha i'll never get the hang of this.

ok well comment if you can help me out. <3
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I just wanna get your voice out of my head. [16 Sep 2004|08:59pm]
i feel like crap. I mean schools great and all but my life in general is pretty messed up. I dont know who my real friends are anymore. I mean some of them will tell me one thing then go behind my back, thats not what friends should do..so now i'm just giving up. sure i'll keep a few close friends but i dont care about the people that think they can talk behind my back. its so gay. i wish people would actually take the time to get to know someone before they judge them, i mean kids will just look at you and determine if you are going to be their friend, wtf. i hate people like that, they should hate theirselfs. its so lame. yeah..thats about it. i'll update with a more "happier" longer entry later.

football game tomorrow with some cool kids. cant wait. :)

I get to see Jeremy..Ah! i'm so excited. I miss him like crazy.

and how could i forget..
i'll get that cupcake to you soon. hah.
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i've been waiting, and now you tell me how you really feel, well i'm done waiting. i'm sorry. [15 Sep 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Things haven't been that great lately. People are just starting to annoy me with their stupid comments, and such. i've been getting mad at my friends, which i shouldn't be. i dont know whats going on. Am i sarcastic, and mean to any of you?
i want to know. people keep telling me that i am, and i'm getting really tired of hearing it over and over..and maybe i am sarcastic it dosn't mean you
have to complain to me about it? if you dont want to here my comments on whatever the subject might be then dont ask me for advice. its that simple.

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[10 Sep 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

comment with your name only in the comment, and i'll reply with what i think about you- in complete honesty.

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[08 Sep 2004|04:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well i said i was going to update in the last entry, so here it goes..

ok so tuesday was the first day of highschool..man was i nervous..it hadnt hit me that i was about to enter highschool until the night before, so i was really scared. so the next morning i got up around 5:30 [thats way too early for me] and got ready. so i was walking out the door..and my mom starts freaking out..she was going insane i swear. she was like OMG my baby is going to h/s, give me a hug..and she was taking pictures. yeah so after i finished with that torture i was off to the bus stop with megan, she looked so pretty hehe but we both looked like freshmen [with our book bags]..and then the bus came like a second after we got there..and we get on and its packed with kids, so we find a seat up front more like the 2nd seat, we're dorks. :) so we get to school and megan walks me to class..i had english first..my teacher is so cool. she was just really outgoing and not like regular teachers..she showed us her rock she stole from bushgardens and dared kids to lick it hah she weird. i share a locker with Jordan v. :) i thought i was going to get stuck with a loser but i got there and jordan was in my class. its always good to know someone. yupp..then i was off to p.e. well i thought i was off but then i got stuck, i was going the right way i mean i was asking random kids where to go and they pointed that way so i listened, and then out of nowhere all these kids show up..i forgot the 400 hallway is the craziest opps. and i get stepped on because ok i'm only 5'0 and everyone can look over my head so its not like i can just push people out of the way..well i can and i tried but i only got pushed down, so i wait 5 min. because people keep crossing and then all these football players show up and i try to stay behind them because there was a clear path, that didnt work to well..me and this one kid were the shortest out of everyone so we just stand there for 5 more min. then i finally get to p.e. after 10 min. never again am i going in that hall. ok so my p.e. teacher mr. flores is stupid. theres not much else to say about him. then i leave and try to get to science..er..i get stuck again. if only i was taller, and stronger then i'd push everyone out of the way. hah me be taller..yeah right. but i can dream. so i got really annoyed but finally get to earth science..alittle late but its all good. man that teacher is ooolllddd..and boring. she gave us h/w how gay. and then i went to study block and lunch. oh i forgot to mention i got lost 54787686565365 times. the end.

now are you ready to here about my B day? j/k i wont write another paragraph about my day besides its boring. i will say my spanish teacher is joey felix's mom. he went to LMS you might know him. i just had to tell you, because i thought it was weird. anyways i have homework to finish..wow i havt said that in awhile. so i'll update the next time i get squished in the halls, so most likely i'll be updating tom. later.

i suck at math and dont want to take the pre-algebra class, so can anyone help me, pretty please. comment if you can help.

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my life is about to change..and i'm scared of how it will turn out. [06 Sep 2004|07:53pm]
damn, School starts in less then 24 hours, and i'm nervous, but excited, yet scared, and alittle worried. hmm..i just want to make it through the day. summer '04 has been awsome, i guess i'll list a few highlights of the summer [or what i can remember]

*i remember going to the movies with calli a few times, but i cant remember what happened? well what ever it was it kicked ass..oh..we went and saw the notebook and there wasnt anyone under 50 in there but us..hah. [it smelled like old people]

*of course hanging out with EdenRose..man..those were some great times. our sleepovers rocked, and our jokes were funny as hell.

*PIMP lessons from the *GrandPimp* herself, Rosie.

* going out to lunch with EdenRose, nick, and his friends all the way in Indian River plant. on our bikes..if my mom found out..oh shit i would be grounded for a year. but it was great to know you cant something because you could get in major trouble but do it anyway. hah

*oh yeah Me EdenRose and Grace went walking around courthouse smashing beer bottles hah and then came back to my house and jumped in my pool with our clothes on [and i couldnt have anyone over when my parents wernt there] so if i got caught i'd be grounded for life. but we managed to put everything back in its original order hah.

well i cant finish because i have to go get ready for tomorrow, i didnt even get half the things i wanted to put done..but o well whatever happened this summer i'll never forget. :)

i'll update after the first day. later.

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its leslie.. [03 Sep 2004|12:20pm]
hey guys.
its leslie.
i just made this for kelsey.
you guys better leave her lots of comments and tell her houw much you love her.!!

<3 Leslie#2
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